Sunday, November 9, 2008

About This Blog

After recently hearing another dire prediction for our economy, I thought of the number of people who will have sleepless nights this holiday season worried about buying gifts for their loved ones. Who doesn't enjoy watching the excitement on the faces of our friends and family members as the open the beautiful sweater or the most sought after gadget?

I recently discovered that I enjoy writing and have been spending many nights, after the kids are in bed, writing poems and short stories. Instead of saving them in a file where they will never be read, why not share them? My goal is to post letters and poems written in an easy to read style that are applicable to the thoughts, sentiments, and lives many of us have today. All writings will be appropriate for family reading; however, some may include topics that you personally disagree with. We all have different life experiences and I will try to cover a variety of them.

Maybe someone, even just one person, will find them useful. Maybe one person will have a brightened holiday season as they see the look on their father's face as he reads how he affected his child's life. Maybe a parent, who has been facing difficulty relating to their teen, will discover a way to express their feelings.

If you see a letter or poem you like, feel free to use it. Print it, e-mail it, frame it, hand write it, place it on a scrapbook style sheet to give to your loved one. Feel free to edit it to fit your personal situation. I do ask that the website,, be included on any used letter or poem and they not be sold or included on anything that will produce income. I also ask for feedback. Let me know what you like or dislike about what you read. Is there a particular topic you would like covered? Let me know - be as general or detailed as you wish. I hope you enjoy this site.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful idea! Thanks fr sharing!

booswifey said...

I love this idea, truely comes from the heart and thats what christmas is about. I also love that you are willing to share your ideas with us for xmas. Maybe I'll be able to be inspired myself and start to write again. I'm sure these will make lovly gifts to put in homemade christmas cards. Thank you so much.

booswifey-from wahm.