Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog Improvement

I have been told that I need to do a couple of things to improve the blog.

1. Include information about myself in addition to the letters and poems. This was not my original intent, but I'll do it. I'm not used to this whole blogging thing yet, so I will probably do the personal info stuff a little at a time - I don't want to bore everyone.
I have two odd but adorable children. The easy one came first. 9 year old boy. All A's without studying, very mature, good at sports, etc. The 2nd one makes up for the ease of raising the 1st one. 5 year old girl. Not too interested in learning but wants to look good when she goes to school, already boy crazy (and not about the "good" boys), Extremely sassy (I'm told this comes from me), can't decide if she is going to marry Joe Jonas or Kid Rock, Basically doesn't take any s**t from anyone (I'm told she gets this from me too), which can be good; HOWEVER, that includes her father and me so it's not so good right now.
That is a little info about my kids. About me: I just realized I enjoyed writing about a year ago, started with humor. Decided I liked poems and letter type writing a couple of months ago. Basically, I'm new at this so if some of them are awful, tell me. I promise it will not hurt my feelings. People who know me don't really get it as I am not the mushy touchy feely type. I don't really get it either. I just sit down and write.

2. I have been told I need to do something with the actual blog - I am aware the layout is plain plain plain. I'll work on it but need a little time. I'm new at this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm open to any other suggestions or tips.........

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