Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Great Romance

The below is written as an Anniversary Letter/Card. It can be used for other occasions as well. Feel free to edit and use your own examples to make it more personal.

As I am driving to work I realize our typical chaotic morning had us both rushing out the door without wishing each other a happy anniversary.

I stop myself before picking up my cell phone to call you. Does he even remember? If I don’t call him, will I arrive home to dozens of red roses and chocolate or will he have forgotten?

I begin to dream of the amazing life I would lead if you were a true romantic. Flowers for no reason at all, fine chocolate mysteriously appearing on my pillow, weekend getaways to quaint cabins, week long trips to foreign cities that fill many women’s dreams, love letters, romantic dinners……...

As I continued to mentally watch my more romantic life, I couldn’t help but wonder, would this truly make me happy, increase my sense of fulfillment? . If my wish for you to be a true romantic came true how would my life be different?

Would I have missed watching you carefully tending to your newborn, holding her close, taking in her scent?

Would the new diamond necklace really mean as much as the family heirloom, worn thin over the years, that was given to me out of unabashed love?

Would I have missed watching you spend hours and hours helping your son perfect his batting stance and teaching him how to throw the perfect spiral?

Would we have been on a breathtaking beach hundreds of miles away when you received the phone call from your dad? Would you have been afraid too show your vulnerability? Too afraid to look at me and say “I need you. Will you go with me?”

Would I have missed Christmases with our extended families because we were too busy jetting off to fancy ski resorts?

Would I still remember every detail of the weekend we spent in the rustic mountain cabin, or would that memory be lost forever?

Would I have missed the pure joy on our daughter’s face when daddy went to school to have lunch with his princess?

Would I have arrived home to a bubble bath surrounded by candles instead of hearing the most loving simple sentence: “Honey, I’ll take care of the kids if you want to be with your mom.”

Would I have missed you showing me each day, in your own way, how much you love me? Would I have taken for granted all you do for me?

As I continue to reflect, I realize how blessed I am. The unromantic acts that are typically defined as “daily life” now seem much more romantic, and I realize that while we may not have the typical romantic relationship, we do have a great romance that some only dream of. Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog Improvement

I have been told that I need to do a couple of things to improve the blog.

1. Include information about myself in addition to the letters and poems. This was not my original intent, but I'll do it. I'm not used to this whole blogging thing yet, so I will probably do the personal info stuff a little at a time - I don't want to bore everyone.
I have two odd but adorable children. The easy one came first. 9 year old boy. All A's without studying, very mature, good at sports, etc. The 2nd one makes up for the ease of raising the 1st one. 5 year old girl. Not too interested in learning but wants to look good when she goes to school, already boy crazy (and not about the "good" boys), Extremely sassy (I'm told this comes from me), can't decide if she is going to marry Joe Jonas or Kid Rock, Basically doesn't take any s**t from anyone (I'm told she gets this from me too), which can be good; HOWEVER, that includes her father and me so it's not so good right now.
That is a little info about my kids. About me: I just realized I enjoyed writing about a year ago, started with humor. Decided I liked poems and letter type writing a couple of months ago. Basically, I'm new at this so if some of them are awful, tell me. I promise it will not hurt my feelings. People who know me don't really get it as I am not the mushy touchy feely type. I don't really get it either. I just sit down and write.

2. I have been told I need to do something with the actual blog - I am aware the layout is plain plain plain. I'll work on it but need a little time. I'm new at this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm open to any other suggestions or tips.........

Sunday, November 9, 2008

About This Blog

After recently hearing another dire prediction for our economy, I thought of the number of people who will have sleepless nights this holiday season worried about buying gifts for their loved ones. Who doesn't enjoy watching the excitement on the faces of our friends and family members as the open the beautiful sweater or the most sought after gadget?

I recently discovered that I enjoy writing and have been spending many nights, after the kids are in bed, writing poems and short stories. Instead of saving them in a file where they will never be read, why not share them? My goal is to post letters and poems written in an easy to read style that are applicable to the thoughts, sentiments, and lives many of us have today. All writings will be appropriate for family reading; however, some may include topics that you personally disagree with. We all have different life experiences and I will try to cover a variety of them.

Maybe someone, even just one person, will find them useful. Maybe one person will have a brightened holiday season as they see the look on their father's face as he reads how he affected his child's life. Maybe a parent, who has been facing difficulty relating to their teen, will discover a way to express their feelings.

If you see a letter or poem you like, feel free to use it. Print it, e-mail it, frame it, hand write it, place it on a scrapbook style sheet to give to your loved one. Feel free to edit it to fit your personal situation. I do ask that the website,, be included on any used letter or poem and they not be sold or included on anything that will produce income. I also ask for feedback. Let me know what you like or dislike about what you read. Is there a particular topic you would like covered? Let me know - be as general or detailed as you wish. I hope you enjoy this site.

To My Child


Within the next week a letter on this topic applicable to all ages will be published.

On the evening of November 4, 2008, I watched the nation, the world, come together to celebrate a great milestone. From the solitary comfort of our family’s home, I joined millions of people from thousands of miles away as we came together to celebrate and become a part of a beautiful indescribable celebration of the moment, our history and a new era.

As I was living this experience, I thought of you. I couldn’t help the sadness that washed over me with the realization that while this was happening in your lifetime, you were too young to understand. For a moment I selfishly thought of what you were missing. I wished for you to be older so you could share in the gift of this experience.

I then realized that you too had just been the recipient of a gift. One much greater than the one I had the honor of receiving. One that would one have been rejected by your great great grandparents, misunderstood by your great grandparents, quietly accepted by your grandparents, longed for by your parents and embraced by you. Accepted with pure innocence. You will be part of a generation that truly has the ability to see people as they are, without the barrier of skin color, the stigma of a history of separation. In a few years, you will begin to explore the world around you. When your parents instruct you to pay attention when the President addresses the nation, we will still be in awe we are listening to the first African American President. But to you, he will not be the first black president. He will simply be the President.

We, in what could be considered a self centered view, take pride in the fact we are blessed to live to see this great milestone. We had a part in making this happen we will say. We were part of a movement. We helped shape history. Isn’t this what every generation wants? To truly play a role in changing the world? In making it a better place. While all of these statements may be true, we have not yet seen the true awe inspiring effect of what has been accomplished. This will not be delivered to us in a grandiose fashion. It will happen gradually. With you. In an unassuming way, you will unknowingly guide us to a new frontier. When you see President as simply the President without race entering your mind. When you encourage the dreams and aspirations of your African American friends in the same manner you encourage those of your white friends. When you allow yourself to have an appreciation of our contrasting histories, while maintaining an equal appreciation for who we all are today. When “CEO” does not naturally create an image of a white male. When “Single Mother” does not naturally create an image of a black woman. When “college student” does not mean “young white adult”. When the thought of sending your children to a primarily black public school does not create of picture of a broken building, a substandard education. When racial slurs are not written off because of a person’s age or childhood home.

Some may see me as overly optimistic. Do you really think this will happen in your child’s lifetime, they will ask. Yes, I do. They will question me. Will the next generation have the ability to see people as they are without race creating pre-conceived thoughts. Yes, they will. Can we really live to see the events of this night change the world, they will ask. Yes, we can.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To Mom From Your Unborn Child

When you graciously accept congratulations for the mother-to-be and offer a sincere thank you to those who extend best wishes for the expectant mom, I want you to know how you are already shaping my life.

When you gently rub your hand over your protruding stomach, you are giving me comfort.

When you lie in bed at night anticipating the joy I will bring, I feel loved.

When you worry about every possible life event that could place me in harm’s way, I feel protected.

When you spend countless hours pouring over baby names and nursery d├ęcor, I feel important.

When your anticipation of my arrival overrides your fear of physical pain, I feel cherished.

When safety gadgets become the most important accessory in our home, I feel safe.

When you read books and articles about all aspects of motherhood and babies, I feel valued.

When you speak of my arrival with eager anticipation, I feel excited.

When you refer to me as your baby, I feel honored.

When you start each day by thanking God for me, I feel emotions so strong I cannot put them into words.

These precious gifts can only be passed from mother to child. For this reason, I want to tell everyone you are not a mother-to-be. You are already a mother and I am thankful to say, you are my mother.

Love by Choice


I want to take a moment to thank you for being my partner in raising my son.

When you married me, he instantly became a main focus in your life.
You accepted him by choice.

When the two of you took your first fishing trip together, you gained a lifelong friend.
You spent time with him by choice.

When he was up all night with a virus, wanting mom by his side, you quietly provided all necessary items to tend to a sick child.
You nurtured him by choice.

When the majority of his little league season was spent on the bench, you never missed a game.
You supported him by choice.

When he finally hit his first home run, you were the loudest fan in the park.
You were proud of him by choice.

As he continues to reach new milestones, you stand strong beside him.
You are there for him by choice.

I want to thank you for giving my son a gift more precious than no other.
You love him, unconditionally, by choice.

I Love You, Dad

Yesterday my son casually said, as he does each day, “love you, Mom” as he was walking out the door. As usual, I smiled as I said back to him, “I love you, too”. Although I have heard the phrase hundreds of times before and know it is usually said out of habit and not heart felt sentiment, I will never tire of hearing it.

Isn’t it amazing how much changes with each generation? Growing up, we never heard the words “I love you”. We never hugged. We certainly would not cuddle up together on the couch to watch TV or read a book. Your children did, however, know we were loved. We saw it in the way you worked hard each day, without complaint, to provide for your family. The way you reminded us over and over to “be careful”. The way you looked at us and the sacrifices you made for us.

We did not have long heart felt conversations about how one should lead their life. Yet, words were not necessary. You led by example. By the way you interacted with others. You showed equal amounts of respect to the banker, the preacher and the school custodian. The time, unknowing to you, I saw you empty your wallet and quietly place the contents in the single mother’s purse.

Do I feel as though I missed out on something? Do I wish you would have told us you loved us, talked to us more? No. I feel blessed to have been able to grow up knowing I was loved, having someone quietly lead me into adulthood. But I do feel as though you have missed out on something. I want you to experience how it feels to have someone say those words to you. I want you to hear it without feeling the need to reciprocate, without fanfare or celebration. I want to share with you the joy one simple phrase can bring. I love you, Dad